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Selendra is the brainchild of SmallWorld Venture, a venture seed funder based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. SmallWorld Venture began in 2011 by providing a collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs and startups.

Selendra has been in research and development since 2015 by a group of young technology enthusiasts that joined the SmallWorld Venture community.

This team is a self-taught, peer-to-peer community that learned to build real-world applications and products useful for users in emerging markets. The Selendra development team grew out of this community.

Our team brings a wealth of experience, dedication and passion for creating a user-friendly blockchain network that will add value to everyone's lives. The goal is to create an easy, fun, and valuable network for local and global users.

Harmony with nature

The team loves integrating technology products with nature to create a sustainable product that can benefit everyone. In June 2021, our core development members will relocate to VitaminAir, a jungle office 110km outside of Phnom Penh city, living off the land while creating sustainable agriculture and forestry programs powered by technology.

Guiding Principles

To develop and grow Selendra, our team has designed principles to develop the project.

  1. Surround ourselves with inspiration, real-world problems and our stakeholders.
  2. Take the long term view on projects
  3. Open framework for utilizing diverse disciplines and perspectives
  4. Aim for 10x, not 10%
  5. Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.

Selendra is crafted and built by these friendly folks.

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