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Building Your Contract

Building Your Contract

Run the following command to compile your smart contract:

cargo +nightly contract build

This special command will turn your ink! project into a Wasm Binary, a metadata file that contains both the contract's ABI and a .contract file.

This .contract file can be used for deploying your contract to your chain. If all goes well, you will see a successful test completion.

Original wasm size: 19.1K, Optimized: 2.5K

Your contract artifacts are ready. You can find them in:

  - mycontract.contract (code + metadata)
  - mycontract.wasm (the contract's code)
  - metadata.json (the contract's metadata)

You should see a target folder that contains these files:

└── metadata.json
└── mycontract.contract
└── mycontract.wasm

We Want to Hear From You

If you have any feedback regarding deploying Smart contract on your project, feel free to contact us via our Telegram group here.